Getting Started

I. Steps to a successful Web presence

  1. Formulate a plan:
    1. Gather resources for the Web site.
    2. Determine goals and objectives.
    3. Gather, outline, and organize your content.
    4. Develop your navigation.
  2. Initiate an official Web site request by submitting the Web site request form (except student organizations). Most of the colleges have a Professional Technologist-Designer who we may forward the request to. Student organizations should fill out this form to request a Web site in Slate.
  3. Attend an initial Web development meeting.
  4. Attend Slate training.
  5. Create Web pages from a template and integrate content. All content should be entered into Slate before any design work is done. “Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.” 1
  6. A designer reviews your content and creates a design from it.
  7. The design is reviewed by stakeholders and approved by all parties.
  8. Designer builds the approved design into templates for our Content Management System.
  9. Notify University Relations / Web or the Prof Tech Designer when Web site is ready to go live.
  10. Maintain Web site content.
  11. Stay informed of current Web standards, follow accessibility guidelines, and use best practices.

Know that your Web site is your front door to the world 24/7/365. Content is king. It requires regular maintenance and attention. Understand that embarking on a site design or redesign will be as much work for you as it is for our staff—if not more. Our staff will work side by side with your group to create an attractive, accessible, mobile friendly Web site.

To take a closer look at our process, see our Web process documents for a new site or a site redesign.

II. Slate

Slate was developed to help University departments and organizations manage Web sites through an easy to use interface. Over 600 WVU Web sites are managed in slate. Web-based content management and ease of management of users are key advantages to choosing Slate.

III. Clean Slate Clean Slate is a new version of software developed to provide content management for WVU sites. Several pilot sites are now housed in Clean Slate including the Technology Web site.

IV. Tutorials

V. General Resources